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Custom Motorcycle Paint Sets & Custom Motorcycle Painting, on new or used OEM Harley Davidson parts such as gas tank & fenders. We stock all original Harley color tones, formulas and codes, even most CVO custom colors. See our brand of Automotive paint, polish, wax & glaze products for chrome, glass and plastics for your car or motorcycle.  
Welcome to Colormania motorcycle custom painting website. We specialize in custom motorcycle painting for Harley-Davidson, Victory, Yamaha, Honda & many other Motorcycle brands. We stock new & used OEM Harley Davidson parts, also offer our custom paint jobs on new or used OEM parts so you can keep riding while we work on your new custom paint set. The only down time you will have is during swapping the parts on your bike. Because our paint sets are painted on new or used OEM parts gas tank & fender sets, you know they fit your bike perfectly.

The First Harley Davidson Motor Co. OEM Custom Paint Supplier. 
18,000 Custom Painted Motorcycles, 24 Years of Craftsmanship Excellence, 5 Years written Warranty. We have shipped custom paint to more than 500 Motorcycle dealers. We stock more than 10,000 original Harley Davidson and Automotive color tones.

Contact us and transform your bike today 1-(619) 735 9999

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For OEM Gas tanks and fenders please visit our on line store or call us today:

(619) 735 9999


Anywhere in USA
ONLY $96.00 USD
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All Australia 2-5
day shipping service
ONLY $199.00 USD
(Reg. $600.00 USD)
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Anywhere in Europe 2-5
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ONLY $168.00 USD
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Anywhere in Canada
2-5 day shipping service
ONLY $149.00 USD
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WHY COLORMANIA? Because choosing the right painter is far more
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Colormania Polish and Sealant
is the only product you need to maintain your paint, glass, plastics and chrome.
It has been our SECRET WEAPON
for winning countless bike shows.
Rated BEST by the best selling automotive
custom painter in the world.
$27.00 /OZ Bottle

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Colormania Achievements:

1- Official Harley Davidson Motorcycle Co. factory OEM custom Harley paint jobs s
upplier (1998-2002)
2- Official Indian motorcycle factory OEM paint supplier & custom painter (2001-2004)
3- Official Titan motorcycle company OEM custom paint supplier (1996-)
4- Produced 1000s of Harley-Davidson motorcycle custom paint sets for 
more than 500 international
Harley dealers (1991-)
5- Award winning motorcycle art since 1991, with 14 back to back "Best of the Show" victories.
6- The first mass producer of original motorcycle art in the world (1997-)
7- Exclusive supplier of motorcycle custom paint to Biker's Dream 
superstores (1996-)
8- Extensive client hall of fame of world famous movie, sports & industry personalities  
9- Unmatched in customer service; 5 years written warranty against pealing, lifting, cracking, fading,
bubbling or any other defect due to poor craftsmanship.
Guaranteed completion times on motorcycle painting upon request.
11- We have our brand of Automotive paint and care products, polish, glaze and wax sealant.

We are the only Motorcycle custom paint shop in the industry with completion time guaranteeWe complete your order On Time, or your order is 100% Free (click here for terms), 5 years written materials & craftsmanship warranty is standard on all Colormania paint jobs. We stock all original Motorcycle colors and are a 100% motorcycle paint shop, specially Harley custom paint and Yamaha custom paint. We repair any dent or scratch. From single color to complex paint jobs we repair parts fast and for less than the cost of an OEM replacement. All brands & models are welcome, Yamaha Star, Victory, Honda, Suzuki, & H-D models such as Road King, Fatboy, Sportster XL 1200C & Heritage and Fat Boy and more. Colormania is your # 1 choice when you shop for a reliable Harley custom paint job. Please see our available designs and color options or send us your ideas and designs.

As a motorcycle industry supplier for over 20 years, Colormania has painted more Harley custom paint jobs on motorcycles than any other shop. We specialize in custom motorcycle paint with our core line being for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. We work on all brands from single color to custom paint jobs, we satisfy our worldwide customers. We ship custom Harley paint jobs daily and all other makes like Yamaha, Star, Honda, Victory, Kawasaki and Indian are also welcome, Colormania has produced several award winning custom motorcycle paint jobs for these great brands too.

When it comes to custom Motorcycle paint jobs for any brand, you can be assured that our team delivers a show quality product. Colormania became the first OEM Radical Color shop supplier to Harley Davidson Motor Company in 1999 supplying H-D with up to 1000 custom sets monthly. As a premier custom painter our world famous brand is unmatched in the industry. In fact Harley Davidson paint program sold out the entire limited series Radical color shop designs produced by Colormania. Supplying over 500 H-D Dealers with custom Harley paint jobs with less than 2% in warranty claims is a feat unmatched by any other shop. We are simply your number one choice when it comes to Harley Davidson paint and we have almost all original paint color formulas in stock.

We Specialize in Color matching Harley Davidson Paint and all other Motorcycle Paint Jobs & Dent Repair.
All Brands Original Colors in Stock. 

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Legal Disclosure: All names, brands & trademarks mentioned in this website are respected property of their owners. Colormania is not an affiliate of Indian, Titan, Harley-Davidson motor company or any of its authorized dealers. Services & products we provide are not related, endorsed or produced by any of the above mentioned companies, with exception of clearly marked OEM components. All Motorcycle model names are registered trademarks of their respected owners. H-D model designations are used for reference only. Some images used in this website are for the purpose of reference to products only, we do not copy bike designs that are property of others. The term; Road King and any other H-D model specification in relation to painting & coating refers to painting performed on motorcycle parts that fit above mentioned brands. Colormania reserves the right to refuse any orders that conflict with common moral & ethical codes or may be offensive on motorcycle custom painting.