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All our paint jobs come in show quality finish* with 5 year written warranty against;
peeling, lifting, fading, cracking, bubbling or any other defect due to poor materials or craftsmanship.

*Show quality finish refers to a paint job with:

1- No evidence of orange peel on the surface of the paint job. Miror like & perfectly smooth surface.

2- No dirt or imperfection in the paint.

3- No obvious paint defect.

4- Nice & sharp graphic masking edges.

5- Super glossy mirror like finish.

6- Nicely painted trim edges,no overspray.

7- Clear and brilliant colors (not cloudy).

8- No fish eye or holes in the paint.

10- Not being able to feel the graphic edges to the touch.

11- If airbrushed; the art work should be clear (not blurry) 3D appearing and highly detailed (at artist's discretion).  
(Clear coated at least twice with baking and hand sanding in between).

12- Multi layer clear coat for deep appearance (minimum 10 coats).

13- Underside of fenders free of over-spray and clean, with fresh rubber based undercoating.

14- Use only top name brand materials that are known to last for at least 10 years without failing.

These are the brands we use for painting ALL our paint jobs:


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