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About Colormania
Colormania custom paint brand was founded in 1991 as a family owned and operated business and is owned by Vevimo Western Boots LLC. Initially we were only 3 people working out of a small shop in Palmdale California, but within just two years we got the attention of who is who of Movie, Radio, Sport & Motor-sport personalities & our business grew rapidly to satisfy even faster growing demand. Please visit our achievement page.

By 1993, loyal customers were sending their motorcycle parts from around the world for custom painting, even motorcycle frames were being sent for our molding work from as far as France!
World famous bike builders such as Johnny Peg and many others trust their special projects to team of Colormania, when it comes to frame molding and painting, even well known custom car and bike manufacturers such as Vinni Bergman who own and operate their own custom paint business, trust their personal and extra ordinary custom paint projects to Colormania.
By 1996, the international demand for our custom paint sets for Harley-Davidson motorcycles continued to grow beyond our expansion capability, especially after becoming the exclusive supplier of custom paint sets to Biker's Dream Superstores and their chain of nationwide dealers. In 1997 we responded by revolutionizing the custom painting industry; by creating for the first time in the history a process to successfully mass produce motorcycle art & custom paint sets for motorcycles.
In 1997, in addition to Biker's Dream Superstores, many American motorcycle manufacturers such as CMC, Titan, Ultra & American Eagle, many H-D dealers joined Colormania dealer network.  
In 1999 Colormania makes history again by successfully passing all Harley-Davidson Motor Companies rigorous quality testing and becomes an OE (Original Equipment) supplier to the Milwaukee based American legend & its global dealer network.
In 2001, despite Colormania's ability to custom paint 100s of bikes each month, H-D dealer's demand became so high that Colormania products would sell out within just hours of each launch (see photo on the right) and the motor company had to utilize a lottery system to fairly distribute Colormania custom paint sets among its over 600 dealers. Each Colormania paint set design was produced in a limited production run of 150 -200 bikes, but the usual orders for each design reached between 400 - 500 units!
By 2001, Colormania expanded to 6 facilities in the USA and Mexico with a staff of almost 500 team members, custom painting close to 2700 Harley-Davidson parts per month (900 Motorcycles). Colormania became the largest producer of custom paint in the world & history. Since 1991 we have custom painted more than 18000 motorcycles & our clients have won too many local and international bike shows to list here. We have custom painted 1000s of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for the Motor Company including their CVO flagship motorcycles. We are currently in the process of downsizing due to ever tightening environmental laws in CA which drastically limit the use of hazardous materials used by all custom painters. The use of high VOC materials and solvent based pearl and metallic colors is no longer permitted. In fact we believe no custom painter is able to maintain a totally legal operation in this state anymore! As the result of ever tightening laws limiting our ability to use hazardous materials needed for creating custom paint jobs; we were forced to close all our production facilities in CA and to move our paint operations to the Mexican side of the border where we can easily stay in compliance with their local laws. Our quality and craftsmanship has not suffered as many quality American products are produced there such as Ford, Chrysler, GM and countless other top American brands. We have even produced OEM Harley-Davidson Motor Co. products in Mexico successfully.  

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Team Colormania in 1998
Colormania Air Brush Experts

One of our many quality inspection points

Colormania Production for the Factory in 1999

A Motor Co.OEM Production at Colormania

Notice the SOLD OUT Signs! We sold 600 Paint Sets on the FIRST DAY of Expo!
Al Unser Jr. & his Colormania art work, painted on aluminum.
Painted for Biker's Dream by Colormania in 1997

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Legal Disclosure: All names, brands & trademarks mentioned in this website are respected property of their owners. Colormania is not an affiliate of Indian, Titan, Harley-Davidson motor company or any of its authorized dealers. Services & products we provide are not related, endorsed or produced by any of the above mentioned companies, with exception of clearly marked OEM components. All Motorcycle model names are registered trademarks of their respected owners. H-D model designations are used for reference only. Some images used in this website are for the purpose of reference to products only, we do not copy bike designs that are property of others. The term; Road King and any other H-D model specification in relation to painting & coating refers to painting performed on motorcycle parts that fit above mentioned brands. Colormania reserves the right to refuse any orders that conflict with common moral & ethical codes or may be offensive on our motorcycle painting or bike or helmet painting.