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Q: I have a local custom painter where I live; why should I get a Colormania paint job?

A: Nothing effects the appearance of your bike more than the paint job, therefore it is in your interest to do exactly what you are doing right now; research.

A cheap, dull, or poor quality paint job is a waist of money and will only make your bike look bad. Unfortunately, most custom painters in the industry, use less expensive paint, clear coats and materials that were originally intended for painting used cars and are designed for 6-8 mil application & thickness, where for a good quality custom paint job, up to 15 mil thickness is needed to create a deep and lasting shine. Cheap materials that are not made for custom painting, often crack (in heavy custom applications) within 6 month to a year and allow moisture to go under the paint and cause lifting or pealing. Cheap paints also do not provide enough UV protection and often fade within just 1-2 years!  

Many painters use the famous, yet inferior thermo plastic Lacquer paint and clear coats, that are easy to apply, cost much less than polyurethane based materials and are easily polished to a high gloss, but Lacquer based materials never completely cure and do not hold their gloss and need to be polished every often. As the name suggests; "Thermo Plastic", the paint is just a form of liquid plastic that is some what dried by air (thermo). In simple terms, your Lacquer based custom paint job, is nothing but a layer of flexible plastic that is wrapped around your parts! There is no chemical adhesion and as soon as there is a paint chip or small scratch, your custom paint job begins to peal off little by little. We at Colormania use only modern Polyurethane based materials that are made especially for custom painting at high mil thickness. We use "House of Color" and other materials that cure fast, keep their super gloss shine for many years, better resist foreign objects and fuel and handle vibration and constant flexing of motorcycle parts and extreme heat. You can literally fry eggs on our painted parts (for test purpose only) and we use the same materials to paint motorcycle cylinder jugs that get extremely hot.

Reason # 1:
When it comes to custom painting, we use only the best materials available and some not even available in the market. Even companies such as "House of Color" have developed products specially and exclusively made for Colormania! From primers to clear top coats and in between, we use only the best materials and they are usually the most expensive, gladly, Colormania clients do not expect anything less than the best.

Reason # 2:

We clear coat all custom paint sets 4 times in a highly confidential process which was developed by Colormania in 1997 and successfully used this technique to paint 1000s of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for the factory and H-D dealers. Even after many years and hardly any polishing, Colormania paint jobs look wet and as if they were painted yesterday! These extra layers of high solid clear coats also protect the art work and provide more room to sand out possible future scratches.

Reason # 3:  

A genuine Colormania paint job with its extensive hall of fame, official custom painter of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, official Indian Motorcycle company custom paint producer, will increase the value of you bike. People will often ask; who painted your bike? Your answer can be; Colormania, the official factory custom painter. 

Reason # 4:

Every Colormania paint set comes with a certificate of authenticity and written 5 years craftsmanship warranty. Only a Colormania paint set protects your investment for 5 years against; pealing, lifting, cracking, fading, bubbling & any other defect due to poor craftsmanship & materials (see our warranty page for exceptions).

Reason # 5: 

A Colormania, we use only genuine H-D parts for our exchange program, we will not send you after market tanks and fenders in exchange for you genuine parts.